Hi, I'm Andrena di Donato Felger.  I love creating beautiful spaces.  As early in life as I can remember, I was rearranging the furniture in my family's home and styling the storefront windows of my grandparents' shop in Southern California.  Along the way,  I became a tax lawyer, practicing in the area of trusts and estates.  As much as I enjoyed the strategic planning challenges of the law, I never let my creative side rest.  I began remodeling homes in the historic Miami neighborhood of Coconut Grove - the perfect place to create inspired spaces and a welcome opportunity to develop a career in design.

After renovating a few houses, I landed myself a spot on an episode of HGTV's "Bang for Your Buck".  From there, my most meaningful project was published in "The Tropical Cottage: At Home in Coconut Grove"  published by Rizzoli New York. With a lot of hard work, and a bit of good luck, my design business truly began to take to flourish. 

As life would have it, a somewhat unexpected move back to my home state of California presented me with a wonderful design challenge.  I had to let go of a place I called home for a decade, and found myself reinventing a series of new spaces in a relatively short amount of time.  Through this process, I came to understand, in a much more meaningful way, the importance of living in a place that truly feels like home. It is this philosophy which has become the foundation upon which I continue to grow my practice.

As a designer, I am dedicated to helping others create a meaningful space that is reflective of their personal style, one which feels like home.  Transformation can be as simple as selection of a new paint color or as involved as a complete renovation.  Either way, it's my pleasure to authentically guide my clients each and every step along the way.